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LED Interior Lighting Fluorescent Tube Replacement

LED Interior Lighting Fluorescent Tube

Emium Lighting proudly offers several premium T8 LED lamp options to accommodate any fluorescent tube retrofit project. All Emium tubes are UL-listed as well as DLC certified. The size range includes 2 ft., 3 ft., 4ft., 8 ft., U-bent. Tailorable options include, luminance level, color temperature, rotatable ends, and the ability to install in-line with the existing ballast, or direct to 120-277VAC. Emium LED T8 tubes set the standard for excellence and quality.

  • Major Power Savings – Compared to fluorescent tubes, more than 50% less power usage dramatically reduces energy costs
  • Lower Maintenance – Lasts 60,000 hours resulting in lower costs by reducing re-lamp frequency from 2' to 8' lengths and 2' U-tube
  • Available with rotatable ends for more directional applications
  • Optionally dimmable 10-100% (must remove the ballast for dimming function to operate)
  • Ballast compatible models will work with or without the ballast (100-277VAC)
  • Ballast compatible models are compatible with all existing electronic ballasts (instant start, rapid start and program start) and most magnetic ballasts as well - no rewiring needed
  • DLC listed – qualify for all utility and government rebate/incentive programs
  • 60,000 hours rated life
  • 5 Year Warranty


Input Voltage 100 – 277 VAC
Tube Length*
* Other Lengths Available
2' 3' 2'U 4' 8'
Model No. EL-ZY-T8-10W600 BIXX EL-ZY-T8-15W900 BIXX EL-ZY-T8-15W600 U BIXX EL-ZY-T8-15W1200 BIXX EL-ZY-T8-18W1200 BIXX EL-ZY-T8-15W1200 BINT EL-ZY-T8-18W1200 BINT EL-ZY-T8-22W1200 BINT EL-ZT-T8-40W2400 BINT
Wattage 10 15 15 15 18 15 18 22 40
Lumen Output 1300 1950 1950 1950 2340 1950 2340 2560 5200
Compatible with existing T8 electronic ballasts (instant, rapid, program start) Yes (Type A/B)
Dual Mode “Plug & Play” or direct to 100-277VAC input
No (Type B)
Must remove/bypass ballast, directly wire to 100-277VAC
Connectors Options G13 bi-pin (Std T8/T12), R17D recessed, FA8 single pin
All connectors available with optional rotatable ends
Color Temperature 3000k     3500k     4000k     5000k
CRI > 80
Life Rating > 50,000 hours

Models compatible with existing fluorescent ballasts need no fixture rewiring! Can be used with or without ballast!!!

  • To retrofit one of these into an existing fluorescent fixture, simply remove the fluorescent tube and replace it with our LED tube.
  • All models are available with either clear or frosted polycarbonate lenses (frosted lens makes it look just like a fluorescent tube)

Emium LED tubes are listed on the DLC-QPL
They qualify for all utility and government rebate/incentive programs

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