Emium Lighting

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide superior LED lighting while simultaneously yielding a significant return on investment for our customers through drastically reducing operating costs and energy usage.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the preferred and valued LED Lighting provider utilizing Emium Lighting’s product expertise and diligence in the field and in our factories. We will continually innovate and grow to create world leading lighting solutions and a sustainable future to minimize environmental impact.

Our Story

Emium Lighting have chosen to maintain a higher level of uncompromised quality in our products. Among a combination of important factors that separate Emium Lighting from many of its competitors, quality at the component level is foundational.

Emium Lighting avoids short-sited approaches in favor of building products with top tier components that will reward their customers' trust and patronage long after their initial purchase. Emium Lighting factories are the most elite in workplaces and operational quality. We employ a trusted full-time Quality Liaison who works with each factory to guide and monitor the production process through frequent inspections.

Encouraging and analyzing feedback from our customers; Emium consistently strives for ways to adopt new technologies, designs, and feature enhancements that best serve our customers. Additionally, this provides Emium Lighting the ability to supply top tier product to our customers in a more effective and efficient manner than our competitors.