Positive Cash Flow Financing for Commercial Lighting Enhancements

What if your Emium LED lighting upgrade could pay for itself from the very first day? In many cases the reduction in monthly energy waste that switching from traditional light sources to LED technology provides can exceed the cost to finance such an investment. Emium Lighting has partnered with LEAF Commercial Capital to help companies overcome the financial hurdles associated with funding such an improvement. This partnership offers companies a path to a superior quality of light, reduced energy and maintenance costs, while also reserving their working capital.

Why Businesses Nationwide Finance With LEAF

Get Better Lighting and Big Savings Starting Today

It’s hard to beat the benefits of LED lighting: lower utility costs, higher property values, more productive employees, and happier customers. And when you finance with LEAF, you reap those benefits while you put money back into your business. You may even qualify for incentives and tax benefits that add even more to your bottom line!

Better lighting. Big savings. And affordable financing that makes you cash flow positive from day one. Isn’t it time to upgrade to Emium LED lighting? To discuss your lighting options and the savings you could begin putting back into your business, contact your Emium Lighting representative today.

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